Publishing Company

It is a publishing company with extensive operations in the Balkan market.

Starting points:

  • Good quality products
  • Low profit company 
  • Inefficient existing organizational solutions
  • Stagnant sales

Stellen activities:

  • Analysis of  business process, competition, organizational solutions, as well as the appearance in the market
  • SWOT analysis
  • Analysis of revenue and expenditure
  • Analysis of  the controlling system and IT solutions
  • Proposal of the new organizational solutions, sales channels and sales control
  • Establishing recruitment and selection process to create field sales network
  • Implementation of training, remuneration and employee development systems
  • The introduction of a comprehensive system of analysis and controlling operations


  • The publishing house focused its strengths towards placement in the market, functional reorganization of operations and to quality analysis of business results.
  • All these activities have resulted in a clear understanding of the overall business, quality and purposeful planning and budgeting, cost management, quality and trained human resources, and the use of all available channels of sales and marketing..
  • After the first year of introducing changes, profitability was increased by 32% and market share by 18%.