NetLOGIC Integrated ICT Services/Serbia

Netlogic was founded in 2009 in Belgrade with the aim of providing an integrated ICT services to Serbian companies, as well as advanced IP managed service.

Netlogic is focused on customer satisfaction and the delivery of the highest quality ICT services.

Our offer is simple, transparent and oriented towards the needs .

We are always low prices, wide variety of tariff packages and quality service. Quality and reliability are guaranteed by our many years of experience, dedicated and professional team with a professional attitude, which can be confirmed by a large number of satisfied customers.

Accordingly we also want to emphasize that we able to offer clients a complete SLA with the contract, or Certificate guarantees the quality of our services, which defines financial penalties in case of failure to meet technical requirements of the contract on our part.

 Netlogic’s services are technologically most advanced, high quality and available. We possess sufficient human and technical capacities to adequately and efficiently respond to all the demands of your company on the territory of entire Serbia. All  Netlogic’s activities are legitimate under the applicable laws and regulations of the Republic of Serbia.
The success of our clients is our success, and our only advertisement is a recommendation.

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